December 7, 2010

what happen to my sweet girl

I saw the black swan on Sunday. I guess you could say, I have just been speechless about it until now. I guess, I just couldn't get my words together after being so mentally disturbed. I personally loved it. I mean having beauty and pain mixed together, how couldn't you love it? From start to finish, I fell in love with this movie.

I don't want to give anything away, so the least I can say is GO TO THE MOVIES TO SEE IT. And it really is going to make a difference if you see it on the big screen.


Taken from Karen iInderbitzen-Waller. 

Unknown magazine

This is so Turkey.
Marie Claire- Turkey.
This is so Turkey.
Just look


This would be a Turkish magazine if anything. This pictures are all so humorous. I love them. They are so me. They are so homeless.

Hi Katie
Hi Harry


  1. wait...i saw the black swan too and blogged about it. IT WAS AMAZING!

  2. i love the boy style that all models wear on the bottom of this, very cool and stunning

    sometime be diffirent is important for me ;)