April 27, 2011

Hang up your chick habits.

Uh, I had to delete the picture here. So, ya.

It's crazy how lazy I've become. I'm sure if you've never met me, you except me to crawl out of my cave of a room weighing 400 pounds wearing sweat pants that clearly haven't been washed in weeks. I have a little food on the sides of my mouth and you don't really wanna ask me anything or talk to me because your scared of how my breath will taste. Sad thing is, half of those things are true. I do probably have a little food on the sides of my mouths, but who knows! Maybe I was saving it for later? Ever ask yourself that? Anyway... My laziness has become crazy and I've literally become a huge fat walking turd. I go to school, come home, watch TV, then sleep. Things are going to change though, I'm 'hanging up my chick habits'! I know I always say I'm going to blog, but hey! Look at me, I'm doing it now. And I'm sure you don't want to read this because I haven't talked about one thing important to you or me and it's my 19 sentences or something.

I listen to Aretha Franklin and attempt to blog. Thats me!

P.S. Thank you blog for helping me with my English Reflection paper, without you, I would still be sitting with my blank word document. You actually give me something to write about.

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