May 1, 2011


"Focus, Hettie. Repeat the numbers." I looked around the room and at all the other kids who had been pulled out of the normal reading and writing classes. We were the kids who needed extra help. I would then focus back on her lipstick smile and realize how fake it was. As if she really cared if I understood what we were doing or didn't. "Come on Hettie, your'e never going to get better at writing if you keep getting distracted". Her voice was blurry. The only words I heard were your never going to get better.
I felt like I wasn't going to get better. From 3rd grade to 7th grade, I was pulled out of my English classes because I had auditory processing issues. I would become easily overwhelmed with too much information. This made me feel like I would never be able to write. It was in 8th grade, when I got inspired to start my own fashion blog. It started with photographs. I would dress up and take photos of myself and write little captions. Before I knew it, people were responding to my short comments. They were asking for more. My short comments turned into lengthy narratives which were about my every day life. I treated it as a personal diary. I'd blog whenever I needed someone to listen. I guess word got out and people started reading, commenting, and approaching me about it. My blog has helped me become the writer I am today and without it, I would still be stuck in that confined classroom.
It's now 9th grade and I was back from my summer vacation. After reading The Martian Chronicles, we were given our first paper of the year. I wrote about how if the new martians want to be able to survive, they will have to be able to except the strange into their lives. With this essay, I knew it wasn't going to be easy because I struggled with reading the book. I needed the courage that I needed everyday when I blogged. This assignment was nothing like a personal narrative. So, I had no clue with how I was going to do because I felt that it was going to be hard to show my voice through this paper. I knew that when you write about something you care about, you write better. I needed to connect my thesis to something I strongly cared for. 'In the past, the old Martians and humans did not accept the unknown into their lives; the new Martians will have to accept the strange and learn about it before it destroys them'. That was my thesis and I thought connecting it to gay rights would make me more interested in what I was writing about. 'Today in our world, gay couples still don't have their own rights because some people think its strange. They think it's unnatural because it is different and they aren't used to it; and therefore try to destroy their rights. This is an example of what keeps the world from peace and harmony and must change. We have to accept the unknown to have a good future'. As you can see, I connected something I cared about, gay rights, with a book that had nothing to do with it at all. I took a paper that I didn't really care about and made it into something I cared for because I knew that if you make whatever your'e writing about interesting, it will end up being interesting. I've learned this from my blog because I only write about things I care about and people seem to like it. If I put more interest into what I'm writing, I'm going to do better and my writing will be more entertaining for my readers.
When I was looking over my persuasive essay, I remember how much work and effort I put into it. I thought I was going to do a really good job because I knew a lot about what I was researching and had a lot of personal experiences with friends who had experienced divorce. My paper was on effects of divorce on children and how it messes up their childhood no matter what situation it is. I cared about what I was writing about because I had many friends who had suffered from problems because of their parents divorce. This was the paper where I could really say how I feel about divorce effects and really show my thoughts. Just like my blog, where I literally vent on what I think and share my own thoughts. 'In 6th grade, my best friend went from the happiest person I know to someone I didn't even know. His parents got divorced and his whole perfect life went wrong. I stopped seeing him all the time and I talked to him less and less. He wasn't that happy kid, I used to know'. I had so much evidence for this paper and I did really well on it. I cared about my topic and I got my message across. In the end, I did find a weakness, but I can easily learn from it. This piece really showed my laziness with stupid errors and grammar mistakes. I did learn from it and after this piece, I have learned to read my work out loud, so, that nothing sounds awkward.  My blog has the same problem too. I will have grammatical errors all the time, but with each time I need to learn from it and make it better, because I know I have friends who read it and that I do have an audience.
My last piece was my narrative. This piece I was most proud of because I know that I excel in this area. I wrote about how I love fashion and how fashion is a part of who I am. My narrative was basically what I blog about everyday. I wrote about something I love and care about all of the time and you can tell when you read it. 'He walked in with his hood cupped around his face and sweat pants. It looked like he just woke up. He peaked up from his hood and I heard a chuckle from him. He's that kid who just sits in the back, never talks. He doesn't even bring anything to class, you always look for him, just to make sure he's still alive. I could hear him down the hallway before he even walked into the class room. He took a good 15 seconds to read the board. Turn towards me and say, "Are you the sub?" He had a stupid black expression wiped across his face.'  I took that from my personal narrative on how I dressed like a sub one day. I really liked writing this because it had so much truth to it. I could write about a personal experience.'My long skirt flowed as eyes turned. I stumbled over to my friends at the 9th grade table. They all looked up and down at my outfit. They saw an Amish skirt that went all the way down to my ankles, a blue chunky sweater with nude stripes, a long draped sweater for warmth, and an enormous bow that I had found years ago.' From my first example, I describe the jerky boy in a sweatshirt then I described what I was wearing. I thought the comparison showed how I felt and how I felt different between me and him. I loved writing my narrative because I could share a moment in my life that really described me. I felt that this paper really showed where I excelled in, showing and not telling. Instead of saying that I was upset, I would have to use the small things to show it in a different way. 'Kids leaning forward with eyes watering trying to hold their faces as loud honks of laugher exploded from their mouths'. I was trying to show that kids were laughing at me without just saying, 'Oh, kids were laughing at me'. I had to describe it instead of flatly stating it because then my piece would get boring. Number one rule of writing, don't bore your audience. This applies to my blog since if I write a boring entry, I will see that less people read and I get less comments. I then know I need to be more descriptive and interested in what I'm writing.
I have learned so much over the year and from my experiences of being a writer. I still have so much to learn and to grow from, but from now I know what I need work on and I know where I excel. My blog still helps me vent to other people about how boring one class is or how someone comments on what I was wearing. People tell me how they laugh and love to read it. I hope that I keep learning from my other pieces of writing,so, I can use them to my advantage and can become a stronger writer. 

Go to hell

I'm sorry, but your'e going to have to listen through my horrible stories and hear me complain about the world. I don't even know where to start, I have so much anger towards everyone who walks on this planet. Anyway like no big deal, I'm wearing a long white  kinda flawy prairie skirt with a blue and yellow stripped cropped sweater over it and my simple shoes. A bow in hair,lipstick,glasses.  I walk into school and its like they have seen someone gotten shot or something. Eyes popping out like, what the hell are you wearing? Half the people are like you look so cute, one thing I hate being called... or I get asked if I'm secretly a 40-year-old... like yes, sorry I've been keeping this from everyone... I'm actually a 43-year-old women and I've just been living a scam all these years. Going back to the subject of being called cute, like stop I'm not 5-years-old anymore. Being called cute used to be a compliment back in 4th grade when it was ok to be called cute. I'm in high school now and being called cute just brings me back to the awkward stages of life. Next time you call me cute, remember do I really look cute?

So there was my introduction to my day, as you can tell it was a very interesting day;hence the fact, that I have an age range from 5 to about 80-years-old. No one ever thinks I'm a 14-year-old girl. I guess that could give me so advantages though, if I ever want to go clubbing... I'm sure they would let in a nana and if I'm trying to get a kids meal deal at my favorite local place to eat. This is what they would most likely say, why here you go little kiddo! Then I would probably, walk back my sit crying because I look like I'm 7 and laughing because I totally got my meal for $4.65. So here's my day, as I said before I walked into school people who don't usually see me were like holy...blah blah blah... people from Washburne, pervious hell of a school, were like yay, Hettie's back. I bowed, kiss, kiss. Yes, Hettie is back. From now, and until the rest of high school and forever. 

I wonder why I didn't go full out the first month of school... I kind of regret it... the comments I get amuse me. I guess you could say I was nervous. I didn't know if I would laugh or cry. I did both ha.

Stories of my day, I hope they make you laugh.
First period, English. Decent, nothing super intense happened. Just learning about reading and writing as usual, I walk into class. I hear a few chuckles, like whatever. I'm funny looking right? A kid, not so nice one, is laughing his butt off. I was giving him the death stare through my glasses. He's laughing, my teachers like, "Oh, whats so funny?" He's like I don't know never mind. I know what he's laughing about, I clearly see him looking at me and laughing. It's already though. I laugh back at him, he wrote on his paper his life goal was to rule the world.

Second period, Gym. Normal, worst time of day. Walk in seated as if no one noticed me. Thank god.

Third period,worst thing of all, World History. So, the day before in History my teacher told us we were having a sub and be respectful and all that stuff. So, I'm coming from gym and I walk into a classroom of like 5 kids sitting, one looks at me dead serious and goes, "Are you the sub?". Are you kidding? I've been in your class for over a month. Have you never seen me before? I SIT NEXT TO YOU! He sighs... Oh, It's hettie, why are you dressed like my grandma? I sat in my seat with my head down for the rest of my class

Lunch, good. I was with my dear ol' friend Michael, who totally understands me. We are best friends or I think of him as my best friend. The best friend love isn't really returned though. I really feel like secretly Michael hates me only because I love him too much and I force him to share his cola addiction with me. Sorry, I can't help if my throat is parched!

Fifth period, teacher goes, "Good look" I think he thinks I was kidding.

Sixth period, Science. I actually got in a fight here. A few fists went up and my claws came up. I kid comes up to me, "Are you a new girl?". **Sigh**, No, I'm not jerk-o. Ten minutes later, I repeat the 'joke' to him. "Hey wait, your new right? I don't know what is it, but I've never seen you before". Yeah, thats right. Major slap in the face. He's reply was ok. Of course though, It didn't stop. His stupid, purple haired, lip ring, lap partner, was like totally lab partner power like, "Yeah! New girl, you look like my grandma!". Seriously right now, I'm being made fun by a kid who probably eats his boogers on his free time and a kid who pierced his own lip. They can't be talking. I was about to knock them out. 

Seventh period, I don't even remember

Eighth period, ah back at home in the art room. Oh how lovely art class is for the weirdos.

Ninth period, so close to leaving school... of course, I get into another argue with this n00b. He made fun of my clothing and I was like yo dude, at least I don't wear my boxers inside out. Yeah, thats right. I noticed it and it was a mega perfect timing. He was wearing his boxers inside out and he was calling a grandma. He was like why do you wear just ugly clothing?

I will tell you why. I like it. It doesn't matter what you or what your teachers or friends or anything thinks. It's because I like it and thats all. 

My life be like oohh ahhhh oohhh ahhh

The horrible stories of Hettie Price's life

I should write a book.



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Anonymous said...
Can you put pictures of this "ugly" outfit? I'm sure it's not. I look up to you, you can stand up for yourself, and you wear what YOU wan because YOU like it. I respect that :)
Anonymous said...
I agree. I want to see it. You have no idea how amazing you are! All these idiots peak in high school and that's sad. You will have a wonderful life of success ahead of you. Don't let them get to you!

I admire you so much.
Anonymous said...
i like this post alot! will you please post more about your days broken up by what happens each period?? and GOOD FOR YOU for wearing what you want! you're so amazing and you have your own sense of style, un like most girls our age!
Anonymous said...
Hettttiiiieeeee why didnt u go all out the other day? I saw u and i was like thats not hettie wtffff?

Claudia said...
forget what other people think

u are awesome!

i really enjoy reading ur blog
Anonymous said...
Hettie, you are going to be the fashion expert jet setting all over the world, traveling, eating great food, and making clothes. The people who dare to make fun of you are all the same. They will end up in the North Shore doing the same routine everyday, bored and unhappy.

The thing that is special about you is that you dare to be different. If you stop daring, you wouldn't be you.

Keep being yourself. High school is not exactly the easiest moment in life to live through, but don't change.

You are extraordinary Hettie! Don't let the average people get you down.
Anonymous said...

You are beautiful and sweet and adventurous. I look up to your self-confidence. YOU are absolutely wonderful. And these people who are mean to you? WHO do they think they ARE? Uh uh. You did NOT just mess with Hettie! Noooosireeee.


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  1. wow. your portfolio is amazing.
    you truly have a voice.

    don't let others tell you otherwise!

    keep goin :-)