September 19, 2011

I became a huge creep and stalked people until I couldn't stalk anymore. Tumblr turned me into the blogger I never wanted to be. I'm back though. The future was nice for a while, but I enjoy the classic feel of this blog.'Winter's Tale' Ilva Hetmann & Erin Axtell by Bruno Dayan for Flair Italy September 2011 7
Ceremony Missy Rayder by Chad Pitman for Muse #27

My mom constantly gives me ideas where I should start a vintage shoppe in our garage or I should make a blog with my sister and we will have a reality TV show just like The Kardashian's. I needed to just say it straight and tell her, never of these would ever happen. I'm sick of hoping for the best with finding the right thing to get me noticed when really we all blend in. Anyone could write a blog about dreaming big and then posting a picture of a naked body. Really, anyone could do it. So, why even bother? I guess I feel the need to keep trying for something. If something doesn't go too good, I'll still know I got my shit hole blog to turn too and know I have my one follower. That does make me feel better. I added some good shark gifs to help soak up my tears and also a creepy cat holding a cat... Funny pictures always make me feel better.

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  1. you dont have only one follower...

    i follow u because i can relate to u.. i fucking hate high school and everyone in it