October 24, 2011

I love when I come home to a good day. Fresh pillows on my bed. They automatically make your sleep better. After having a horrible nightmare last night of me having a habit of spilling whatever is on my mind, I realized somethings are better to keep to yourself. Waking up to that weirdly made my day good. As if I had learned a new life style or something. At school though, it was pretty worthless. I didn't learn anything that made me ooh or aahh. After school, I went to calliope. We did exquisite corpses. My favorite thing to do. I did a big toe foot, a man woman, and hair armpit woman. Some people would say nasty, I say cool. Then I did some homework. Came home ate way too much food and then here I am. It's almost 9 o clock and I feel like I should be off to bed. 

Weeks ago, I was sitting alone outside of school like a big loser would. I sat there drawing something for art. A group of boys laughing were throwing pens out the window at me and screaming, "Bombs away!". It surprisingly made me happy.


I love looking at beautiful images and listening to Gregory & the hawk. thanks kathyrn. your a sweet heart.

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