October 23, 2011

I walked to the bus stop as usual. I had just come back from sound therapy. I learned that different music sends vibrations to counteract the brains emotions. It was surprisingly cool. I found out that hearing is your last sense to go when you die. And if any of you are deaf, your dances sound awesome.

They have vibrating dance floors to send sound vibrations to their eardrums, so they can listen to music also. I was very impressed with that. It was cool.

I walked into the bus stop. I had a teddy bear jacket on and my blue hair in braids. Probably the ugliest braids ever since my fried, dried hair has  been bleached to death. I put more bleach in and all of my hair follicles start screaming because they are destined to all fall out. Tomorrow I'll come to school bald with just a plastic head band. People will probably joke and call me edgy, then I'll tell them the sad tale of how my hair died. I go and in the little booth, it was freezing. I could tell because I have goose bumps everywhere including my... yeah. So, I'm sitting trying to read this pace bus schedule, but it seems that someone had drawn a gigantic dick on it.  Out of my left ear, I hear a voice say it comes at 5. Out of the 100 times I have sat and waiting at that shit hole of a bus stop, this was the first time anyone has ever even stricken up a conversation. It was nice. It made me feel ok.

© by The Ones2Watch / Photography Rodrigo Carmuega / 
Styling Kevin Kim
 / Hair Soichi Inagaki
 / Makeup Natsumi Narita
 / Model Katiusha at Premier


I'm so grunge, I have nirvana constantly playing in my head.

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