November 11, 2011

Thank god for long weekends. God knows I need it. After all of my 'stressful' work, it's always nice to just lay in bed until you feel some strength in your legs to pull yourself up. With parents out, I have the whole house to myself. What should I do? I could sing throughout the house, making myself feel like I have a huge audience around me, applauding me, loving me. I could dress up in different costumes of people and make a movie. Fearing someone will catch a glimpse of me through a window and report a robbery. I could write an entire screenplay about a household of zombies. Friendly zombies though, more of a cult like thing. They're brains aren't as dead as the typical zombies. They still communicate and have feelings. They struggle with getting by because they have get past their fear of killing. The play would show family values and getting past fears. Heart throbbing, comedy, and also a great romance. A zombie and a typical goth girl falling in love. The world will go crazy over it. I could decorate my room. As lazy and sloppy as I am, I always enjoy cleaning up my room. Putting new shit everywhere gives me a sense of who I am. Reminds me of how much I love being in my room. My room, not my moms, not anyone else's.

The saddest part is, I'll probably just end up watching too much TV and end up feeling like a huge useless    poop.

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