November 6, 2011

Finding myself randomly on a tumblr made me the happiest person in the entire world. Not only is there a pair of tits right above my head and two girls making out, I am in a mid-blink stance. I'm curious where she found this picture because I thought I had deleted it long ago... I should sue her for not asking for permission before posting! Where is my recognition!

© by Hedi Slimane

HEDI SLIMANE Diary / Fashion Diary

I'm weirdly attracted to this boy. I'm weirdly attracted to many boys. I always find myself crushing on the guys that no one else find even a draw too.  It's so rare for me to think someone is 'eye candy' that when I do. I become a huge psycho girlfriend. I don't even know what I'm saying since I never end up a girlfriend, I just become overly obsessed with their perfection. Then I meet them, pick out all of there diseases and then never talk to them again. It's a horrible cycle. I love you, skinny white guys.

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