March 14, 2012

Blacken Eye

Creatures who are reading this, thanks. I know I'm the biggest lazy fart in the world. So, here I go. I am sorry. I will probably apologize only once since I have much more important things to say. First, SugarLips, an online shopping website, has contacted me to advertise some of their clothing. For me, this is a big first step. So, thank you Sasha for helping me PROMOTE my loving blog. The weather outside has become scary and my room on the third flood has become 100 degrees. My sleep tonight will be hectic and I will wake up extremely sweaty. Does anyone else want me to predict how they will sleep tonight? Lets see. I keep trying to think of topics to talk about that others actually would care about. I know I'll go on a rant about my life and everyone will scroll down past my nonsense and look at pornographic pictures of models which I find beautiful. I have so much homework, but I clearly find this more important.

The Accident:
Mrs. O'Reilly, my art teacher, has assigned me my usual art homework for the week. As for this past few days, I have been pushing away the assignment of 'The Accident'. It's hard to start something if you seriously have no idea what the hell you're drawing. So, I put it aside of course until the last day(which is now). Weird or not, I have figured out my thoughts and finally decided how I could interoperate 'The Accident'. As Girl Power runs through my blood, I thought I could do something with feminism. After going to the 80s EXHIBIT in the MCA, I've been extremely influenced by sex, drugs, girl artists. These all were huge parts of the early 70s and 80s. 70s the time of the women. It had all this stuff on the Gorilla Girls and what not. There was also a lot on politics, but I promise to keep that to myself since I have a problem with speaking before thinking. Well, I did a little drawing in graphite pencils (68, HB, H2, 4B, B) of a woman with a black eye. Here it is :

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