March 26, 2012

Candy Cigarettes

How you take a red and white sweater off:
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 (The 'clear' ring actually changes colors in different temperatures, I learn something new everyday)

 A closer look

 (Temperature changing ring found randomly in a box underneath bed. You can probably find this under your bed as well, or
(Tiny flower ring came in a set with 3 other flower power rings. I found these babies at Forever21 for $3 ,but they turn my fingers green. Green fingers are gross)
(One blue smiley face ring lined with gold. Found yesterday at the Yee' Old' antique shoppe'. $3, hopefully my fingers don't turn green)
(Pinky flesh colored bubbly ring found also at the Yee' Old' antique shoppe'. $4 by mistake as my mother would say. I am crazy for this ring)

 (The teal necklace was found in my house saying ADDIE, I painted over the letters with teal acrylic paint. I honestly wear this necklace too much)
 (Crystal crucifix, doubled. I got this after my mother cleaned out my grandpa's storage space. This came with a lot of other religious necklaces which I'm sure you have seen me wear. Crosses are too cool despite my beliefs)
 (Brown stripped creme shirt [Miu Miu look alike]) with a blue fox on the back. The front has dogs running across from top to bottom. It's a pretty amazing design. This is a color picture to the print) 
 (Candy cigarettes)
 (Silly glasses)
 (The back of the Mui Mui look-alike shirt. Isn't it amazing?)
 (What I look like)
 (Curious about what shoes I was wearing? Well, here)
(Plaid skirt is my moms)
(Fathers socks from J.Crew. Very comfortable, but way too big for my size 6 feet. Original Cole Hann Penny lofters found at a garage sale FOR FREE. Foreign people are way too generous. 

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Why do I have so much time on my hands? I'm on spring break and have a population count of 2 friends in town. After I went through the great blog depression of having 0 views everyday, I am turning around my life and am becoming the internet sensation I've been dreaming of. So, I will later  talk to you again.


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