April 15, 2012

Dreams 'n' Shit

Hettie Price

These photos are 'sort of' inspired by my favorite artist Frida Kahlo. She is basically the most beautiful, coolest, craziest artist ever. The photos were also taken for an art assignment. Draw a self portrait with a hat on that describes something about you. I did a crazy ivy halo with scattered flowers since my love for life. Cheesy, I know. What the hell was I supposed to do though? Put on a yamaha to state my religion or shave my head to show how boring I am? These photos make me seem like mother earth and I like it.
Frida Kahlo
Frida Kahlo

You can already tell how mind-boggling she really is.

I can only dream and prey every night that I even come close to being somewhat friends with Frida in my after life.

Speaking of the after life, I love meeting new people. I went to my friend Adams house for the first time. He is a very,very nice young man. When I arrived there were 200 people running around his house, it reminded me of cheaper by the dozen. As the night went on, the people all left. I did meet this one kid, Tony. His face was familiar, I knew I knew it from somewhere. He was in my english class last year. I seemed to believe he didn't talk. Once I meet him though, my eyes were lying. He wasn't quite. He had a throwing knife business going. He made 300 buckaroonies. I loved it. I loved being so surprised with this undercover life. I need to be secretive with my life. I'm going to move to Alaska and herd sheep all day. That's what you will think though. Behind the scenes, you wouldn't actually know what I was doing up in Alaska. Alaska seems nice.


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