April 16, 2012

Tomorrow will be better.

I thought I would write about my day. I never even gave consideration that I would be the girl day dreaming in class about the boy who walks down the hall. He puzzles me and leaves me confused. I don't know him. He doesn't speak, but I sat by him at lunch. He ate a clementine and bite his nails. You could tell he was much better then me by the lack of eye contact. That's my pet peeve. I constantly think maybe in my after life. Maybe in years when I'm not a 15 year old girl who expresses herself over the internet. It doesn't seem so bad, but it is pretty bad. You guys are my only friends, I'm done with lying. I'm laughing in my bed right now. My ipod is making odd noises because its from 2003 and I found it frozen in our old car. I'm attempting to make it work again, so I can finally go into isolation while I walk down the hallways. No eye contact or nothing. My horoscope actually said some bullshit, "Look people in the eyes and you will get the respect you deserve". Too bad, I'm 5'0 and the average height for a women is 5'4 and  men 5'8. I will never look you in eyes. And he will read this blog and laugh to himself about how much of a tween I am. Stressing over my lack of confidence and preaching about how I'm in love with someone who doesn't know one thing about me. He may know a couple of things. He probably knows I write about him on my blog and he was in my dream once. He asked me if I would do shopping summer school with him. Maybe thats a sign that he's a friend? Do you shop with lovers? My parents never shop together, but then again, they never do anything together. Speaking of parents, I got all A's on my report card and got 50 bucks!

The sweet tony guy who sells throwing knifes smiled at me in the hallway. It's nice to know that even criminals can be warm hearted.

I always choose the wrong friends.

Only because I'm lame and all and it went with my sappy as hell boring crush.


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  1. Hey sweetheart
    I checked out your Blog and I really like it!
    You look so beautful and you have wonderful eyes.
    You don't look like a 15 year old Girl. Not at all. I thought you were 20 or something. Then I started to read your post about your day. You really should be more confident because I honestly think you are beautiful.
    And you should go out with that young man ;))


    I'm your newest follower! xx