April 23, 2012

Garbage Pailkids

I'm sad, because it's a tuesday and there is no school tomorrow. I'm sad because no one will answer my calls or chat me back! Very annoying, I'm going to drink tea all night an enjoy good music. I will love myself and sleep in. I need Chapstick right now, my lips are chapped. I'm so lonely and want someone to love. Please call me back. I'm so gooey on the inside it makes me cry.
I'm reading Looking for Alaska by John Green. It is pretty okay. I hate Alaska. I can't really connect to her. If you like messed up girl teenagers, you would love her. She is very smart, but stupid. It makes me question her intelligence though. I am confused with all. I will get back to my reading now.

Weird things that you secretly like to look at:

If you are not smiling, what is wrong with you? Seriously?


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