April 22, 2012

Mum Jeans

Sunday is blogging day. I apologize, but there will be no photos of me. I know you'll be happy since my face is so scary. It's not really scary. Well, then, I had a very good weekend. I celebrated. Friday and Record Store Day! It was great.
FRIDAY: I waited outside of school for harry and then he came over. We hung out then got picked up by this lady with a ladyfriend. We couldn't stop giggling since we had no idea where we were or what was even going on. We could tell these were only friends, but lovers. They were going to get sushi together. No doubt they were at least something. After driving into limbo and back, we got dropped back off at my house. Stunned with how weird that encounter was we went to Taco Bell. We ate many fake tacos and drank sugary pop. Taco bell is good even if the meat is made out of bugs. Our first generations ate bugs, so we can too. So, I ate my taco bell then we parted way and I went to Harvey's. I was half asleep the entire time and he has this cool lamp on in his room. Thats really all and I ate more at Harvey's. I love Harvey. I was with Emma and Heather too. They are the best. If I was in a serious dilemma somewhere and I had to have a friend pick me up. It would be Heather or Emma or BOTH. I went home after and ate crab cakes. I sat down and got all bundled up to watch a serious movie. I laid my head down and my eyelids got heavier and heavier. Then I was in heaven.
SATURDAY: I woke up at 7:00 to go to Belmont for Record Store Day. The previous night I had asked Ben how he was getting to the Linden train station. After confirming that he was giving me a ride, I got ready. Putting on my most unflattering pants, mom jeans, and a green sweater. I sat waiting for Ben to come, but Ben did not come. I had two text him 9 times before he responding saying that he was already at the train station. Now extremely panicked, I had my mom drive me over to the station. I sat alone and waited for the train. Boarded. It was fine. Around the Howard stop, a family entered onto the train. The baby was so cute, but the parents seemed to be a little off. The dad held a speaker around his neck blasting LOUD hip-hop rap right into my ears. I was in shock with how rude it was. The parents were just singing and enjoying their music. I don't understand anybody these days. So I arrived and walked to Reckless Records to meet my friends. I was half asleep. We waited in line. I got coffee with my friends. Then we entered. I bought Of Montreal/Deerhoof and Arcade Fire. I am very proud of both. Then we walked around and I bought 10 miscellaneous ones for $6. Biggest waste of $6 ever. It was all soul. I'm not a bigger lover of soul. So then we went back to Jordans and listened to all our new purchases. The Flaming Lips came out with their album "Heady Fwends" and the entire day it sounded like they were saying my name, but they were just referring to their albums. It made me sad since they are my heady fwends. I am so funny, I can't stop smiling. At jordans, I fell in love and thats all.

Nothing else happened.

Arcade Fire Sprawl II. 
 Of Montreal/Deerhoof

Things I draw late at night:

I hope that you like them. I exploded with being abstract which I am not. I also went through a nude ladies in watercolored phase. 


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  1. nice choices! Of Montreal & Deerhof are really good; I saw them in concert in Seattle.
    p.s. you're really good at art