April 1, 2012


Last day of spring break always is sh*t

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Lets board the time traveling machine and go back about one week ago. Maybe I'll decide to spend my minutes more wisely the second time. I wouldn't lay in bed all day watching LOST. I don't understand how I got into it. Polar bears can't live on an island and thats it. So, I have spent about an entire week laying around and doing absolutely nothing. I still find myself exhausted though. I'm pull a great fake sick tomorrow and sleep in forever. I would probably just end up watching too many episodes of LOST then realizing its already 9 pm and I haven't gotten out of bed once.
I found a palm reading book that I am extremely excited to be able to read fellow friends palms and tell them how sh*tty their lives with turn out to be. I would give them some option to be able to turn it about though. I would be sort of a god figure in the end of all my learning. Probably with six arms and legs. I would crawl around all over the entire universe and curse people since I would have the POWER. POWER is all that matters.

Super interesting, I know. My friends and I were in Evanston and we came across a palm reader. We followed the stairway up into this tiny apartment. A very dolled up "sorority chick" (As Matt would say) opened the door and told me the prices. Before I got stripped from all my money, we left since all my friends believed that it secretly was a frat house.


I can learn how and read my own palm and depict my hell of a future. I will get back to you on it. For now you will just have to predict it for yourselves. I will probably be homeless, but if you have any other ideas what I will be doing. I would be very happy to hear.

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