April 2, 2012

Thoughtless Thoughts

How is everyone?

I've decided that I'm done with school and that I'm going to drop out of school. I will start my own business and slowly but surely, take over the world. Everyone will be happy and not to mention, look great. It would also be a ritual to eat ice cream every night.

You say it Michelle, ice cream is VERY important. And to follow that comes human rights and everything else the people depend on.

Let's see though. My day has gone no where. I slept in since my sleep schedule has been thrown off by my lame spring break. Staying up all night and sleeping all day really isn't cool. I did make tin foil blinds today so that when I sleep I will SLEEP FOREVER. If no one sees me for a while, don't worry. I will be in hibernation.

My friend, Eliot, has recently told me that he has been asking around about me. After discovering my reputation, he is now considering me a "Party Girl". I'm pretty fascinated with how people perceive me behind my back. For I can not judge them on any of their thoughts since many of them are possibly strangely correct. Usually how one sees you is pretty correct, but there are exceptions. I feel that I am a pretty straight forward person. What you see really does show who I am on the inside. I sort of use clothing in that way though. I'm not sure if others do. Look into it. Explore clothing in a way that can represent you for who you are. People don't seem to get that and end up throwing on leggings and a grey t-shirt. I understand. Leggings and grey t-shirts are comfortable and boring. Quit putting on that grey shirt and leggings that reflects you as dull. You aren't, you have more than that. And look, life isn't really a warm welcoming hug that supports your diversity. I understand. It's shit and people can't except differences. Get that out of your mind though, get beyond that. Start looking at yourself and forgetting about those others who are also in your own shoes. We are still young and can dress crazy. Years from now, imagine me in a mini skirt and you would cry. Don't cry. Be happy and don't give a shit towards others thoughtless thoughts. SINCE THEY WON'T MATTER, EVER. I am a party girl and I will except that title I have been given. I don't really know that definition, but it's much better than having no title at all. I guess.
© by The Ones2Watch / Photography Ray Lee / Styling & Props Kristina Bonatakis / Hair & Makeup Chelsey Pickthorn at Lola Grand / Model Whitney Tock atSupreme


I felt that these photos were pretty 'Party Girl'. Just to match the theme of reputation, being perceived by others, and realizing how you view yourself.

Things I like to look at. 

(Un Homme de tetes, 1898. Also known as The Four Troublesome Heads by Georges Melies)


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