January 29, 2015


I hope that everyone goes through obsessions just as I do.

I'll find someone who's made something brilliant and totally focus on it for god knows how long and it becomes something beyond media to me. Something probably too real.

Maya Deren is a experiemental film gal from around the 40s whos work explores perception of space and time. Her films are extremely engaging, but some find them a little bit too bizarre to really care.

To me, I think everyone should know who this artist is.

She's a lady who does not get enough attention.

I mean,  she's played chess with Duchamp.

That asshole.

This being one of my favorite stills. She wears a black cloak covering everything with a mirror covering her face. Maya Deren is a little spooky.


Though it almost feels she has no idea what she is doing, it comes together to make some sort of lost narrative. Please, please, check this lady out. 


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