January 29, 2015


 Everyone's getting drunk and high all the time which I can't say I dislike.

There's this thing called alone time which really doesn't exist here.

Especially at this strange place, art school.

I always thought art school was going to be the coolest thing in the world. Well, I've still found myself still waiting for something to happen. I'm making as much art as I would at home. Possibly, different art, but I've always been making junk loads of shit to hid inside my room.

Well, I guess one good thing is some of my work is going to be featured in this girls show.

It's going to be focused on VOODOO...

Ritual babe coming your way

I'm really happy about that since critiques can make you feel pretty shitty. 
I always think about the times when I work my ass off and then someone makes one small comment that pisses you off more than any other comment mentioned.  

 Like, " I don't understand... yaddayaddayadda" when truly, there isn't nothing to understand. 

But as the artist, I want you to simple look. 
But you're failing at that too. 

Oh, woe is me. It's so hard being an artist. 

Also, I still hate my roomate to the moon and back. She's a strange one, one of those non-art-school girls that just decided to come here. Made a bad decision and now casts spells on anyone that comes in her way. 

Some what of one of those sad New Trier girls, who think their lives are so interesting, but really they watch TV every night and cry about their boyfriends being shitty since they can't get any. Oops, I'm sorry for your misforntunes, but when you're 18 or so years old, its time to help yourself. No?

I don't know, I can't seem to feel bad for anyone anymore since I've feel so shitty because of them. They like to dawn on others. 

Others who are exceptionally happy with their choices and understand whats actually good for them. 

You know, like you should help yourself, and honestly quit listening to anyone else, but yourself. Maybe the friends you consider smart and have similar interests in mind. 

And don't listen to your mom. 

Unless, she's exactly who you want to be when you're older. I've found it much more fun to listen to yourself and if you're wrong, you're moms always there to talk. 

I know it's lame, but this is your only chance to do whatever you want. 

Before we get old, and dry. 

Mentally dull and at home unsettled with dreams you never seemed to live. 

A fear of mine that continues to drive my life.


Urgh, my roommate sprays terrible perfume everywhere. I've lost the blood flow to my head now and as she continues to talk to herself, I plan to throw the perfume bottle at her head. Now, that I cannot think straight. I'll go take a nap. 

Please, enjoy yourselfs as I watch some suffer in misery like someone else is doing this to them. Unless, it really is someone else being evil. Please, enjoy these years of being before who knows what happens. 

Times are good now.

Before, we all get, you know, dry. 



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