January 8, 2015


This Chicago weather is making it impossible to enjoy myself. After getting over a flu that lasted four days which is insane to me, I cannot believe I am still stuck at my parents house.

Urgh, parents home. They cater to you then yell at you when you don't say thank you. I understand I should say thank you more, but I didn't ask for this instant service to take my dishes. And to be yelled at every other moment.

I'm terrible, I love being at home. But, my moms quite the awful food shopper and I've ended up eating practically the same as I do at school.

Today, I made a single cheese pizza that tasted like my microwave and finished it off with some potato chips and some tears.

I want some homemade mac and cheese right about now.

And I want it to stop snowing so I can head back downtown.

I'm extremely lucky. I live across from the Chicago theater on State Street.

Yes, State street that great street. I am oh so very lucky. The loop is one strange place to live. I guess it's full of the busiest people of Chicago since it's all company buildings such as my fathers office, Michael Stamos fathers company, Harvey's dad too. I've bumped into them a couple of times. There is no escaping these dads, they're everywhere.

I've found it hard to believe I'm living in chicago without my family and I'm in college now.

Time seems to go fast yet sometimes I feel I'm 30. But at the moment, I've wanted it to slow down. There's never enough time anymore.

Every moment I want it to freeze so I can capture exactly what it is I am looking at.

Look from a differnt angle and ask someone else what they might of saw.

So, I can get exactly the experience I am experiencing.

You don't want to blink, but you do because you're eyes start to get fuzzy. You fall in love and your cheeks stiffen as the corners of your lips raise up into a smile.

These are the things I am grateful of.

I guess I should thank the snow for locking me inside and forcing me to think apon more important things than getting high with friends.

In the end, we should thank the cold for making the world alittle more introverted.

But, a weeks long enough.

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