January 12, 2015

As I sit in my empty dorm,  I think about all the things needed to be done. Some dishes, laundry from about 3 weeks ago, and there is clothing everywhere.

I never thought my love for shopping would kill me, but it slowly will. I'll loose oxygen and you'll find me buried under a million sweaters.

I need to organize my classes and figure out which days I actually have serious work to do and organize when I can really do nothing.

I need to pray for the weather to get better and my pulled tummy muscle need to relax so I can go back to eating my normal routine of unhealthy healthy food.

Something strange.

I text my roommate to see when she will be back and she never text me back. She actually never said bye to me and when I texted her hoping that she has a good break. She never responded then either.

I have a gut feeling that she might never come back at all.

I don't know, this is my first roommate and I find it extremely strange to ignore me.

And I know it's none of my business, but she totally failed two of her classes and lied completely to my face about it saying that classes has been cancelled for 2 weeks when I'm not an idiot. SAIC would never do that. Period.

You can only miss two classes total in a semester, I can't believe that she would make up that class was cancelled during finals week...

I think she thinks I'm stupid..

Or maybe, I'm the asshole and she just simply hates it here.

I just wish she would let me know and give me a heads up because I am living with her.

Her oddness makes me feel 120% unwanted in this environment and as time came closer to break, she seemed to become stranger and stranger with everything.

I know its terrible to rant about people behind their backs, but it seems that she wants nothing to do with me. So, I doubt she'll be reading my blog.

120% I have felt unwanted and weird.

Roommates are weird.
Dorms are weird.
I cannot wait to have an apartment off campus so I can hold mini parties where people smoke and drink and listen to great old tunes from our parents era and you know, do mildly safe acts and enjoy each others company.

Oh! I also have one of my first shows thats like a real show coming up at my friend, Tannaz place. I am so excited. I'll post more details once I find out more.

Its a VOODOO show, perfect for my VOODOO work.

Aw, my art is what really makes me happy.
Aw, it's so good to be completely happy.

It makes you feel free.

And that's all you need.


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