January 1, 2015


Sometimes you feel like you're dying. Like actually dying, when you have a fever of 104 and can't stop shitting yourself while vomiting at the same time. You can't think about anything until you say, damn, am I going to be fucking okay? You look in the mirror for half a second and see a ghost of yourself, a pale empty body praying that this bug will pass.

It will pass.

But it took four days of no eating and constant tossing and turning in bed. And for some reason I had to sleep with the lights on because the dark made me too nauseous.

I fell asleep by my window and I fell asleep in my bathroom, I woke up and thought I broke my wrist because I had slept on it like a fucking idiot having it twist backwards.

But, when you're dying who cares if your wrist is broken.

I sincerely hope no one goes through whatever the hell I just did. 

As it welcomed me into the new year, I am so blessed. 

Pray for the sick


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