January 2, 2015


I used to always think ladies have to stick together. But theres something so interesting to me about the independent woman.

Why is it that woman go to the bathroom with someone else?

Even though I'm not a man, I never really understood it.

Yet, I did it when I was young. I'd drag my best friend to the bathroom, make her sit in the bathroom while I pee and I'd tell her some pointless story about some girl I didn't like or some jerk that hurt my feelings. 

I now enjoy finding the bathroom on my own and peeing in complete privacy. Even when I am blackout drunk, I will know.

And its weird.

I don't know I've always felt a disconnect from the girl posses who take much pride in their lady friends. Maybe its because I'm a terrible friend or maybe I just simply don't get it because I wasn't ever completely happy within one of them. I doubt anyone is though.

 I'm just not into the phony sorority fraternity lives that suck you dry.

Even the clans of boys are insane, stop sucking each others dicks and get a fucking girlfriend. or boyfriend, that's fine!

Everyone needs to grow up...


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