February 3, 2015


As the weather gets colder in Chicago, people seem to slowly start to act differently. Not in a miserable way, but there's some relationship between everyone saying, " this fucking sucks ".

Yes, it does fucking suck, but people sometimes ignore the fact that it brings the city together is a warm way.

Separating us from homes, but the minute the door opens to whatever warm place you entered. A mutual cold bond forms between you and someone else.

Weeks ago, you and this person had nothing to talk about.

Now, you can agree that this weather maybe worse than yesterdays and faces read the same exact feelings.

Though, some may not want to talk about it. I've found it comforting to laugh at my wet socks and frozen hair. The woman at the security counter will laugh and nod her head letting me pass.

A simple gesture, but sometimes thats simply all you need.

I've found these small gestures of head nods comforting here in Chicago.

Chicago being a very, very cold place.

I've completely fallen in love with it.

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