August 24, 2010

Well, now i only have 365 days until the next one...

Someone the other day asked if I deleted my blog: no.

I'm not really sure if you have realized it, but I have limited myself to blogging only when I truly have the time for it. It's not really something I feel a must for even though I know that it's something I must do. I now have readers and I must write for there likings. If I don't... I even up with people asking me to update my blog. I would hate for my readers to have to wait for me to blog! I'm so sorry that I'm lame and have nothing to write about ever. I know how it feels though to be waiting for that blog. Your looking at your favorite blog ever and you keep refreshing that page like it's been 2 hours but really it's only been 2 minutes. Yeah, I know how it feels. So, being the best person I can be, I'm going to blog even though I honestly have nothing to blog about...

Today was my birthday, probably the most unfavorite day of the year. Each birthday I always except the most greatest gifts and everyone to love me and it's my day to be a diva, blah, blah, blah. In the end, I go to bed with nothing. Maybe a phone call from my grandpa and one or two friends, but that's all. If I'm lucky I'll get a few bad presents from my parents. My mom this year got me sunglasses and an ugly scarf. Oh, and don't forget the computer case! The best gift I have ever received probably. At least, I got the sunglasses. I did need a pair. Too bad summer is over and I'm not gonna be the weirdo  who wears the sunglasses when it's not sunny out. Also,  my mom literally got the pair of sunglasses she would wear. Thats usually how my birthday goes. My mom shops for herself and just gives it to me. I'm so spoiled... right now I should be throwing my hands up in the air and yelling woo hoo's. Instead, I'm blogging about how unhappy I am because I didn't get like something really great. Whatever what can I do. I'll just wait until next year!

I did semi have an ok birthday, it was mostly the gifts I didn't enjoy. I went to Oceanique with my parents. It's this french bistro in Evanston. It's really nice inside and the food is great. I enjoy family time way too much. I feel like my high school year is now going to be dates with my parents every weekend. Sadly, they even agreed. "Hettie, now because your our last 14 year old, your going to spend every waking moment with us". Oh god, not every waking moment! I cried. I more enjoy it when I have my brother and sister tag along. Usually when It's my parents and I, I have to sit and listen to them talk about work. I don't work. So, I don't talk. Yawn. Yawn.

Some where I would definitely go back and eat at again.

Japanese breakfast
This what I'm talking about... We didn't even order this... It was compliments from the chef! It really shows what kind of place it is when they give out free food. The chef loves what he does. The chef loves the food. As well did I! I think that's what a good restaurant should be like. Chef needs to love what he does. Ok well here, This was the 'Japanese breakfast'. It was so good. Ah, I only wish I knew what I was eating. The waiter did tell us, but in a heavy french accent and while I'm in food a-coma, I couldn't hear anything.


My memory is going and I'm only 14 years old. I think it was duck or fish or chicken or any type of meat. I'm not really sure... I can't remember. I do remember that it was a plum sauce and it was very tasty. If your wondering why it was so tiny, well I ordered it for my american girl doll that I carry around. Ha Ha, Hettie Price is so funny! No not really, this was another compliments from the chef while my parents chowed down on what they ordered. They didn't want me sitting there while I watch them eat! What fine, fine dining! Props to the chef again! Bravo!

Sorry for the horrible pictures, I couldn't have flash on with everyone else sitting around us. This is the sad part. Everyone else is talking and eating and drinking. I'm sitting with both my parents taking pictures of the beautiful food we ordered. It's so beautiful. It's art. Ah, if only everyone respected it as much as we all should. I took a big bite out of this and signed with my taste buds oohing and ahhing. It was heavenly. Melts in your mouth crab. I would of eaten the entire plant, but my father ordered it. Not me.

Chicken Liver

No, no, no, no, no! It's bring back memories... the taste... the after taste... and the after stomach ache! I couldn't handle this. I guess my stomach hasn't matured fully. I took one bite and it tasted like after you throw up. My mom went nuts over this dish though. She almost licked it clean. Literally, she ate every single thing off it. Oh the other hand, I almost threw up. What do I know though? People love it. Chef I'm sorry I'm dissing your dish. I was just not ready for it. The little baby egg was tasty and cute though!


No need to describe anything. It was a baby egg. Adorable.

To clean the pallet; sherbet.
Mint and peach sherbet. 
a little

No words

Too good for words. Yo.

lamb meat:: fresh

Sadly, I'm not a fan of the lamb. They are one of my favorite animals, other than sharks, and I could never eat a baby lamb. It makes me upset knowing my dad did and he was fine with it. Sadly, I tried it and it tasted so good... melted in your mouth... juicy... Ew ok, juicy is a gross word. I need to stop now. Ew.

Happy birthday, Hettie
Not my best angle, I have a huge head. It's almost as big as george lopez's. My mom looks pretty though, I on the other hand... I'm rocking the middle hair and I look like I'm 40. I don't know if that is something I should be proud of. Most people say I look like my mom. This picture proves it wrong. THANK GOD!!!

(( Some weird german designer dress, black J-crew sweater, leather tote from Niccia, Antique 7 inch silver platform heels... TO DIE FOR!))

Please excuse my ugliness from these pictures. Sadly, people are telling me that I can't pull of the middle part. Yeah well! I'm show you I can! Here, I go! Oh yeah, your right I can't. I know I can't pull it off and I have no clue why I keep trying too. Hettie get it together, It's never going to look good on you. Yeah, but maybe if I... and if I... No, it won't. So, stop crying. Sad, I just had a conversation through blogging with myself. Anyways, like my 7 inch heels. It's ok, I can walk around town in them because I'm only 5'0. I probably still look like a joke because I look like an 8 year old. Whatever though. I like the flashy look and making people stare... I rather be noticed then blended in. You know what I mean right? NEVER WANT TO BE BLENDED IN!

Thanks for reading...?
No really, thanks for reading.
haha, comment if you want
actually don't



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