August 15, 2010

i wish everyday could be sunday,

A day like today is once in a lifetime, not really.

Ah, here comes sunday! My favorite day of the week, but at the same time I hate it. I just really wish they would last forever. I dread in the school year when sundays end. You then know...the weekend is over...and you have to go back to school. The worst feeling ever in my case, knowing you have to do something you don't want to do. Never good feeling. Anyways, back to the semi-what I wanted to talk about topic, my sunday today was very good. I finally got my hair done! It was very plain of a change, most people didn't even know I got it cut. They just asked if I straighten it for the day. I guess that's good, because I still want my hair to be longish. My hair is nothing close to be long, but it's better than looking even shorter! 

Well in the end, I just got long, long layers and just made my bangs more into a middle part. I was deciding if I wanted to get bangs again, but I remembered that I could never take care of them. You can't have bangs unless you style your hair. If you have bangs and don't do anything with them. They end up looking horrible. My bangs=bad bangs. So, I kept it very simple. Soon I will get my coloring and have my hair a little bit more exciting. At the moment, It's perfectly normal hair. I'm now going to have to do my makeup cool everyday, so, I don't look plain. YAY. I guess this gives me a reason to wear red lipstick and look like a raccoon!

A bagel sandwich and homemade potatoes
Addie about to enjoy her bean burger
After my sister and I finished our two hour journey of haircuttery at Art&Science. We dined at Earwaxx cafe located perfectly just across the street. I ordered a bagel sandwich with homemade potatoes! Yummy! My sister order a bean burger... It was very good. I honestly love wicker park. It's where Art&science ( Rob, hair stylist works) and every time I come downtown to get my haircut, I just have so much fun. It's such a cute town. We always park by the dog park and see little pups chilling out, they're so cute. They're are such good vintage shops and just shops in general. Good food. Good everything. I love wicker park. Also, It's full of hipsters. I love hipsters. They are just so cool. God, I wanna be a hipster so badly. As hard as I try though, I will never be a true hipsters. Hipsters don't try to be cool. They naturally are the coolest.

Anyways when I got home from city, I took a mini photo shoot just to share my new do::

((Homemade flower headband, a white prairie dress made in Japan bought in a japanese market in New York, Heart Ring Tiffany's, stone ring thrift))

And after that mini photo shoot, I slept....Zzz...Zzz....Zzz...


I woke up bored. And look what I did.


When Hettie Price is bored, she will find a bar of soap in her bathroom. She will carve it into something strange and unknown. Take the shavings and make it look even more weird. She will take red string and make it a little weirder. I have nothing to say about this. I don't know what it is or if it has a meaning. I guess I could call it the 'unknown' or 'untitled'. It's a little bit of imagination. Space like almost. I love it because I made it, but I still don't understand it. I believe art always has a meaning and even to my own work I'm looking for that meaning. It keeps me thinking. I feel like I'm going to have to write about this post again when I actually have a meaning.

I just thought about it a little, I guess I could call it a self reflection. At the time of making this I was confused about my life. So, I just made it thinking about confusing thoughts and look I made art that was confusing to myself. Maybe if I figure my art out, I'll also figure out my own problems. Hopefully one day.

Thanks for listening to my awesome sunday.



I also forget that I went to an awesome dinner with the one and only, nana and aunt suzie... I listened for around two hours about when I was a young girl stories and them trying to think of the rum in this random dessert. Sounds fun. I also spotted during my dinner a George Lopez look alike. That used to be my favorite show, so, I pooped my pants. The nanny's my favorite show now though. If I ever saw a look alike Fran, I would die.

Now actually, cya.



  1. you are a true hipster... just thought id put that out there.


  2. you are a true hipster... just though id put that out there.