January 19, 2012

Please read this.

My english teacher will most definitely think I'm an addict alcoholic sex-craved teenager after reading my final essay on Brave New World. If you read this book, you know exactly what I am talking up. I brought up all the topics that I felt easy to talk about. My reputation is gold. 
Brave New World-Huxley wrote how shitty people are in the 1940s and not only was he right, but he knew that they were going to get worse. Basically until the whole world turned into shit, there are no such things as families in the new world, the shitty world. What the fuck are mothers and fathers? The children were made in hatcheries (labs) and conditioned for their own fate. Sex became an everyday hobby when children at the age of 6 were encouraged to love erotic play. Recess was time to explore the opposite sex, they roamed freely naked, touching each others woo-has and na-nas. Everyone was addicts, they lived off soma. Soma was basically pure happiness,  like coke in our society. It was their religion to be on soma. God encouraged drugs, and the sex. They prayed to god by having orgies and eating ice cream indulged with soma. I think you get the gist of the story now.
Without all of your questions being asked, I wrote about how the shit world connected a lot to the shit world we live in. How we rely on drugs and alcohol to be happy. Maybe  you will deny this, but how many times have you heard someone say" It wasn't fun, there wasn't any alcohol?" Are you fucking serious? We are baby alcoholics in the making! Our baby livers are crying right now, and I'm sure you look beautiful when your heavy eyeliner is running down your face as you're puking all that rotten vodka into your best friends toilet. We all seem to do it; yet, their have been multiple people getting their asses hauled into a white room with cardboard food. I just don't understand when people will understand  how harmful it is and that how much we depend on it. I'm just as guilty as everyone else, maybe more than others. Difference is I have a brain to think this through, I'm giving the chance to everyone also to think about it. This binge drinking love affair with teenagers isn't cool. I just want to sit down with a glass of wine and talk about Woody Allen films. Looking beautiful, I don not want to be half naked in a cement basement with screaming people everywhere around me. So encouraged I start screaming and before you know it, I'm gone. Hettie was gone a long ago, I became Jen or Christie.  So there's my english essay. Receiving the grade with blood stains all over it, I'll ask...as I see that she has scratched her own eyes out.  
Sex-craved goes back to the erotic recess, I'm sure every ones secretly saying how cool that sounds. So true blood, when they have those satanic orgies. Well, it's actually really messed up. I don't want to think about 6 year olds touching each other, I don't want to think about anyone touching each other. People don't even have to think about, you'll be at a party and just look to your left. A girl is raping that innocent boy with her outfit. Before you know it, they'll be rolling on the ground, chocking each other with their dirty as hell tongues. I mean, is the world insane! Have you met that boy? What's his name? Oh, he's 20 years older than you... got it.  Oh, he's the one with the girl friend? Sex has become this sort of nonsense that people just do when they are bored. Pick up a book. Read a fucking magazine, and if you're that horny, theirs a playboy in the back of your brothers closet.  It's true though, let's start thinking about feelings before everyone's mouth is contaminated by that one person who eats their own poop, then he kissed that girl, she kissed him, and so on. 

Movie on the week, your choice:
What's up, Tiger Lily? The Shawshank redemption.

What's up, Tiger Lily? Crazy 1960s asian action film that Woody made. Using a southern comedy over the voice, it's a strange comedy about egg salad. If you love the 60s though, you'll like it. Also if you're a Woody Allen fan, it's one of his firsts!

Shawshank Redemption:Best life story ever, a man convicted of murder is sentences for life. You learn about him, you learn about some other stuff, there's some poop in the end. It's a classic, if you haven't seen it... Michael Stamos loves it too! "It's really tits"

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